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The Reiss Profile® is becoming something of a standard tool in consulting processes. The reason behind this is the way the Reiss Profile® captures the individual facets of each personality, avoiding the use of typologies.

Everybody who supports and coaches others in their personal development needs to be clear about their clients’ personalities. They also have to be certain, however, about their own motivations which provide the basis for evaluation, action and advice.

The Reiss Profile® allows the coach to better recognise their client’s personality, the ‘subconscious self’. It puts him in a better position to explain and predict a client’s behaviour. The client will be impressed by how quickly they enter the crucial stage of reflection, because the results produced by the Reiss Profile® are easy to understand. With reliable information about their client’s motivational structure, the coach has a firm basis for further co-operation – and for lasting success.

The Reiss Profile® offers scope for personal approaches in coaching and consulting. It can be integrated into all coaching methods and stages, and combined with other approaches, giving rise to possible new insights and applications as well.

Reiss Profile Coaching

The Reiss Profile® also takes into account current scientific research into motivation and neuroscience.
With its solid empirical foundation and verified database, it stands out from the mass of psychological techniques.
Where other tests identify types, the Reiss Profile® places the individual centre stage and emphasises an approach which is oriented to personal development. Unlike traditional techniques, which only analyse behaviour, this seeks to discover the causes for such behaviour. It is what makes the Reiss Profile® unique.

Because of its deep penetration, scientific precision, and the stability of its results, the Reiss Profile® is an efficient analytical tool for the ongoing coaching process.

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