What does the Reiss Profile® offer?

The key to personality 

Only a few personality tools manage to capture the individuality of personality. The Reiss Profile® takes the roots of human behaviour as its starting point, making it an important tool for both consulting and coaching.

Tracing the roots of individual behaviour

The Reiss Profile® is an instrument for measuring human motivation and as such captures the dimensions of individual personality. It is based on a psychological test methodology which was developed by Professor Dr. Steven Reiss in the 1990s.

The Reiss Profile® is the only personality tool on the market which looks at the underlying reasons, in other words the root causes of human behaviour – and as such gets to the bottom of the fundamental, immutable aspects of individual personality.

A useful tool for consulting and coaching

The Reiss Profile®  defines a personality profile which is as individual as a fingerprint. This means that the indications it offers in respect of individual motivation, values and likely behaviour are very precise. This in turn is the source of the particular value of the Reiss Profile® for consulting and coaching processes. 

A broad value spectrum for the individual

Working with the Reiss Profile® usually sets in motion an intense process of self-reflection and helps the individual reach a greater degree of self-understanding.

The Reiss Profile®’s value for the individual is holistic:

People who know their own personality are better able to optimise their performance potential and experience deep “value satisfaction”. The way they behave is authentic, their personality coherent and convincing.

The Reiss Profile shows why other people function in a different way. By understanding people, conflicts become avoidable and relationships can be put on a sounder footing.

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