Reiss Profile® and MarketingThe Reiss Profile® for brand management and marketing

Buying decisions are mostly made subconsciously – in which case the mental reward system plays a central part. The Reiss Profile® is designed to decode this reward system and provides a springboard for marketing to move to new dimensions of applicability and efficiency.

Reaching a better understanding of buying decisions and how to influence them

Neuro-scientific research has shown that decision-making processes are subconscious and yet very focussed. This means that buying decisions, whether in the supermarket or in terms of brand preferences, follow an individual’s internal reward system. The guiding principle is very simple: the pursuit and fulfilment of individual values is directly reflected in the things one desires. The Reiss Profile® helps marketing professionals in identifying how to create stimuli and so set in motion the chain of subconscious reward and buying impulse.

Reiss Profile Marketing better decisions

A shared “value system” for consumer and brand: the Reiss Profile

The Reiss Profile® uses the 16 basic desires to describe the human reward system and provide insights into fundamental values. As such it offers a single metric for both consumers and brands. Because when both the consumer and the brand share the same value system, it follows that strategies and actions can be defined and implemented which offer target-group specific rewards and create buying impulses.

The fact that values can be accurately measured, with a high degree of validity, makes the Reiss Profile® ideally suited to being used as a marketing instrument. It opens up the possibility of linking up qualitative insights with quantitative data.

Value-oriented marketing adopts a holistic approach

Taking the Reiss Profile® and the insights it provides as the starting point, value-oriented marketing can unlock significant new potential in core areas of the discipline:

  • emotional brand positioning
  • value-based target group segmentation
  • adaptation of creative mission statements, marketing messages and campaigns
  • selection of suitable sponsorship and co-branding partners

The pre-requisite for success is to take a coherent and strategic approach to applying the value-oriented method. The clarity and comprehensibility of the scientifically well-founded Reiss Profile® method makes company-wide implementation and acceptance easier.

To sum up: the Reiss Profile® offers an operative basis for value-oriented marketing. It shows how and why stimuli affect subconscious decision processes. At the same time it offers an explicit strategic approach and a quantitative method of measurement to position brands on an emotional level and translate this into coherent brand communication. The end result: success in activating buying impulses.


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