Company and Employee Leadership

Using the Reiss Profile® to support company and employee management

Effective management releases potential and achieves substantial results. Successful managers know their own performance drivers and focus on deploying them to achieve their aims and objectives. The Reiss Profile® shows how this works in practice.

The Reiss Profile® supports managers to discover the things that motivate them personally and will reflect on these, in order to better exploit them in the future.
Aspects relating to the enhancement of the managerial personality are:

  • exploiting individual performance motivations for management purposes
  • integrated approach to guiding one’s self (self-management)
  • greater sensibility with regard to self-perception and perception of others
  • developing and increasing one’s potential for management and work in general
  • recognising personal behaviour patterns and reactions to circumstances
  • expanding one’s scope for action and development
  • re-orienting one’s own career

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