How does the Reiss Profile® work?

Easy to use, with a major impact

The Reiss Profile® is a two-stage method. First, the client takes the Reiss Profile® test. The answers are marked and then consolidated into a personality profile which shows how strongly each of the 16 basic desires features. Finally, the Reiss Profile® Master discusses and explains the results with the testee in a personal feedback discussion.

The first step: the questionnaire

The basis of the test is a questionnaire of 128 statements, which the participant answers by choosing a value on a seven-point scale. The questionnaire can be carried out either online or on paper; filling in the form takes approximately 15–20 minutes. The results are collated with the help of a computer programme and are handled anonymously. They are presented in an easy to use graphic together with a detailed evaluation report. 

A special business version is available for use in companies. 

The evaluation is on a person to person basis

The evaluation always takes the form of a feedback discussion with a certified Reiss Profile® Master. The key part is the explanation of the individual results for each of the 16 basic desires. These provide insights into the values, aims and motives of the client. It is also important to consider constellations in which basic desires can either reinforce each other or conflict. All of these elements taken together complete the picture of the individual motivational and performance platform of the client. He/she will also receive a detailed written evaluation. 

The Reiss Profile® is often the starting point for a coaching programme or an employee development process.

The Reiss Profile® personality profile: an example

example of personality profile

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